About Homo_Novus.

There are immensities within us all.

Homo_Novus is an Indie/Postrock Collective based in Kassel, Germany, founded by songwriter and musician Tillmann Bross. 
Inspired by travels through Norway and Finland, he began transforming his impressions into sound.

After starting out as a solo act in Spring 2018, Homo_Novus formed into a group of inspired minds from across Germany longing to write the soundtrack to their lives.

In October 2018, they recorded two studio sessions and their first instrumental EP - unrehearsed, spontaneous and with the desire to create something out of nothing.

With a passion for analog sounddesign, Homo_Novus produce moments between intimate minimalism and brute walls of sound that captivate audiences from the first chord.

There are immensities within us all.
This is our story. Thanks for being a part of it.